Code of Ethics

METAG’s code of ethics is summarized in four parts as follows:

      Responsibilities of Shareholders and Management

* Carry out activities in a professional, ethical and responsible manner,

* Comply and demand compliance with the Code of Ethics and, to that end, make the Code known and establish appropriate mechanisms to guarantee application,

* Choose collaborators and subordinates in accordance with the principles of merit and capacity,

* Comply and demand compliance with generally accepted accounting standards and principles, and establish internal and external risk management and control systems,

* Subordinate own interests to those of METAG when acting on behalf and in representation thereof and not use corporate assets in their own benefit, except with due transparency, prior authorization from the relevant corporate body.

* Maintain as confidential the background, data and documents to which they have access by virtue of their functions in METAG, even when they no longer carry out such functions.

      In Relation to Suppliers and Clients
* Maintain ethical and licit relationships with suppliers of goods and services,

* Search for and select only suppliers, whose business practices respect human dignity, are not in breach of law and do not place METAG’s reputation in danger,

* Select suppliers on the basis of the appropriateness of their products or services, as well as of their prices, delivery conditions and quality,

* Aspire to excellence in the goods and services of METAG in such a way that clients and consumers obtain the satisfaction expected there from,

* Guarantee the products and services of METAG and deal quickly and efficiently with consumer and user claims, with a view to achieving satisfaction beyond mere compliance with prevailing legislation.

    In Relation to Employees
* Treat employees with dignity, respect and justice, taking into consideration their different cultural sensitivities.

* Not discriminate against employees on the grounds of race, religion, age, nationality, sex or any other personal or social condition different from the conditions of merit and capacity,

* Not permit any form of violence, harassment or abuse at the workplace,

* Recognize the rights of association, union membership and collective negotiation,

* Establish and communicate clear criteria and rules which maintain a balance between the rights of METAG and those of employees in hiring processes and in the separation thereof, even in the case of a voluntary change in employee,

* Guarantee health and safety on the job, taking any such measures as are considered reasonable to maximize prevention of occupational risk,

* Promote the professional development, training and promotion of employees.

     In Relation to the Civil Society
* Respect human rights and democratic institutions, and promote them wherever possible,

* Make contributions to political parties or public institutions only in accordance with prevailing legislation and, in any case, guaranteeing transparency,

* Collaborate with Public Entities and non-governmental entities and organizations dedicated to improving levels of social attention for disadvantaged persons,

* Maintain licit and respectful relationships with public authorities and institutions, not accepting or offering gifts or commissions in cash or in kind,

* Maintain the principle of political neutrality, without interfering politically in those communities where they carry out their activities, also as a demonstration of respect for the different opinions and sensitivities of people related to METAG.