Health & Safety, Environmental Policies

Health & Safety Policy

METAG is fully committed to achieve and maintain the highest standards of health and safety for its employees, and to create a safe and healthy working environment at all times and on all projects. To achieve these standards, it is our objective to set out health and safety targets with the aim of minimising the risk of injury to all persons to be affected by our activities, to avoid any or reduce the number of accidents, dangerous incidents, damage to property and hazards to health and safety by all practicable and reasonable means, to ensure that all legal obligations with regard to health and safety are fully observed by METAG, its employees and all subcontracted personnel. In order to comply with these objectives, METAG will, after award of a contract appoint a Health and Safety Manager whose responsibility it is to advise the project management team on all related matters, and to promote the safe conduct of work, establish, implement and maintain a Health and Safety Plan including particular Health and Safety Procedures to cover specific project requirements in accordance with the prevailing regulations of the country, require that each individual member of the staff implements the requirements of all Health and Safety regulations, refrains from actions which constitute a danger to themselves or others, and reports any situation or practice that may lead to personal injuries or property damages to their superiors, require each department or section to give all staff members Health and Safety Training and to provide the necessary means to implement the Health and Safety Policy throughout its  operations. No violation of any established safety regulations and  rules will be tolerated and adequate measures will be  established and taken to enforce and maintain highest health and safety standard. 

Environmental Policy

METAG’s Environment Policy is that every individual and organization has a legal and social responsibility to  protect the environment. As one of Turkey’s leading Civil Contractors with projects affecting both landscape and environment, we are aware of our most important duties to  reduce the threat to our enviroment.

It is METAG’s objective on each project in addition to achieving economic success, to employ practices which reduce the impact of pollution and environmental disruption through all our business activities. In order to achieve this objective, METAG has established and implemented an Environmental Management System in ccordance with ISO 14001.

With the threat of pollution and environmental disturbance in mind, we continually examine, monitor and consider all our project activities to ensure that we provide quality products without detriment to the environment. The commitment includes the compliance with all relevant  environmental legislation and regulations and with other requirements as subscribed with the acceptance of contracts. METAG will make every effort to the establishment of effective controls and measures avoiding or at least minimize impact on the environment. 

Implementation of the environmental policy in our projects belong to the  responsibility of our all employees. Specific Procedures, Work  Instructions and Method Statements are produced  which together with the Environmental Programme, address particular environmental problems.